Saturday, December 27, 2008

Condescension person I ever seen !

Again that bitc. Now, I am hundred percent sure that there is sme thing missed in her brain, she is a very mawkish thing I had ever seen. I am hardly stand , it is almost three monthes the trouble coming from that slut haven't stopped yet. Everyday there are some thing I need to explain..... I am really getting tired of that bullshit and my hatred to that whor increasing more and more.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Slu. !!!

I try to come down, but it already rich my limit. It was really hard to patient. If I didn't promise to my darling, I would show some temper to that slut. !!!

It was really hard, my head almost exploded, I want to relax, but.....

I really want to say some thing and kick that asshol. !!!

That bitc. gave me a lot of trouble from the very begining to uptill now, I was really don't understand why that slut do that kind of thing.

It was really shame, because of that ass licke. I had wrote bad words in my blog. It was not me, but I am really angry and I want to abreaction!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


It is long time I haven't write or poste anything on my blog. It is bit shame, because in those days there is a bitch who spread a rumour and agitate my sweet heart with a some shit words. I really want to kill that son of a bitc. !!!

I really don't understand why that slu. do that kind of unmorall thins. I had fully suspect with her humanity and ethnicity, because it is not an action belong to human being especially for ... I really hate that whor. !!!