Monday, July 21, 2008

Sad news!!

I am studying in Sweden right now, and I have always recommended Sweden for its free educational system and this is the main reason I chose Sweden for continuing my education. But the new system is so discouraging and I definetely won’t recommend Sweden to my friends anymore. Every where in Sweden are expensive as like UK by itslef, with paying about 8500 Euro per year it is not a reasonable option for me as an Non European student. US, UK , Canada or Austrolia are more resonable for sure then.

This is a really bad news for me and other non EU students,but it is very good policy to kick out student from Asia and Africa except the rich. This new Swedish policy will discourage students to come here since there are not so many extra jobs available to pay the tution fees who are very enthusiastic for higher education.

I wonder why swedish politicians like so much to attract non skilled asylums (in the name of human rights) and kick out high skilled people (univeristy students).Who is going to come here (except people who just want to live in Sweden as a dish washer/Cleaner) by paying 80 thousand SEK every year and will never receive permenant residence permit (like Austratia, Canada,US) after completing study .

Tuition Fees for International Students in Sweden

Non EU/EES students will, from the 1st January 2010, pay to study in Sweden. This is the latest comment from the Swedish government, as part of the the Internationalisation of Higher Education bill which will come into effect in the Autumn of this year, as reported in SvD this morning.

This story is now also available in english at The Local.

The article is a little light on detail but the following main facts emerge:

- kick off will be the 1st January 2010

- fees will be uncapped and set by each university

- there will be some form of scholarship system

The previous government, according to SvD, suggested 80 000 SEK per year as a fee. That’s about 8 500 EURO (to put that into perspective, an international student studying in the UK pays around 12 500 EURO).

Friday, July 18, 2008

My family!

Three beautiful girl in my family!
Our future and my mum.


Two great explorer in south mountain.

Sweet memory from Milan and Lecco.

what a pity.we can't see clearly.

In the near future people will use my nano material for everything .Science report by young scientist .

He he ,another two handsome man in Milan. I was really missed you guys.

Dumo Milan Italy.

Dumo,Center of Milan.
Beautiful construction with a lot of people and pigeons.
Media World,in front of Folchiola Milan.
Castle in Milan,near Dumo.
Big and historical church in Milan.

Happy kavling!

Look I was really like a singer.

I am a Kid!

Waw,it is so funny!
Unfortunately,the weather became a bad!
We all think rain come soon,but it wasn't.

Sweet life at Kavling!

He he ,what a handsome boy I am!!!I hope I will live in happiness forever!!!.
My kungfu.I am the best,I will succeed !!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last evening in Milan (Via Zuccoli).

We are preparing a food together with my room mate Hoang (From Vietnam).Strange pose ,I was really missed my life in Milan.
We are friends,I miss you!!!

Hoang try to kill me.Oh,I was die.

My cell mate Gerald from Kenya.I learned a lot from him.He is really really a good man.
Gerald want to learn my cooking technique.He he...Believe me I am a really good cook.
Look at my eyes,I don't want to go.
Ha ha ...I was become a warrior.
We are sad because I wasn't be in Milan tomorrow.

We are happy again because we promise to each other to keep in touch.

For memory.

Do you want to go to Danmark? If so there is a bridge in my back.We are a cycler .
Three gangster in Sweden.
I want to take one picture alone,but ......
Another good picture from handsome guy.
We are on the ship.
This is the building prison break was used.He he ...... I am joking.
We all looking to camera just like model.
Adil pretend to read swedish journal,but he put it upside down.
Beautiful lake in Lecco,Italy .
Another view of Lecco Italy.

Improve your study!

* Identify what you know for sure by drawing a picture and writing down the order.
* Find what you don’t know.
* Ask questions.
* Go through the steps listed above to find the answers.
* Write or record additional questions as they come to mind.

Often,the search for answers leads to more questions.And the more questions you ask,the clearer you’re making your answers.

You’re taking control of your own learning when you:
* Recognize what you know
* Recognize what you don’t know
* Create questions to make the pictures in your head and the order of events clear
* Discover answers to your questions
* Realize when and how to question what you’ve studied

Think ofone thing you learned this week.It could be something you learned at work, at home, on your own, or with friends. Take a piece of paper,and write your answers to these questions:
* What was it I learned?
* How did I learn it?
* What did I get out of learning it? How will it be useful to me?

Asking question is important!

Some instructors permit students to raise their hands and ask questions during a lecture.Others want to wait until the end ofthe lecture for questions.Either way,write down your questions as they come to mind. Questions can evaporate unless they’re on paper,even if you’ll be asking them soon. Coming up with questions also helps you understand the lecture. For instance, you might be thinking to yourself,“I’m not sure what he’s talking about right now. I can’t seem to connect it with what he said a moment ago.”That’s a legitimate question! So you can ask:“I’m having trouble connecting what you just said with what you were talking about before.Would you explain the connection for me?” It’s important to speak up! If you have a question,others are probably thinking the same thing.You feel more involved when you participate—and you are getting more out of what you’re learning.Even in lecture classes, instructors often notice—and appreciate—students willing to participate by asking questions. Sometimes the instructor is so familiar with the material that he or she forgets others need more explanation.In this sense,you’re helping the teacher teach!

Mirror and practice.

Why do you look into a mirror more than once? What do you see that you haven’t seen before? You have the same face—the same configuration of eyes,nose,mouth.What’s different each time you look? Is there more sparkle in your eyes? Less color in your cheeks? A wrinkle on your brow? When you reflect,you look back on something.Sometimes,on taking a second look, you realize something you hadn’t noticed before.Reflecting also helps you remember what happened. The same way you look into a mirror to make sure the part in your hair is straight,or your tie knot is tidy,you think back on a lecture to see if everything is in order in your mind,that all the information falls into place.Start by considering the questions you wrote (or recorded) before the lecture began. Were any of them answered during the lecture? How did your anticipation ofthe lecture,based on its title,compare with what was actually said? If you’re left with questions,try to find the answers by reflecting on what you learned,or by speaking with the professor.

If you want to improve!

You are the master of yourself,only you well understand of your heart.If you don't understand something and you wouldn't ask or search you newer know that.In a classroom specially a lecture there are many students,and lecture have a time your lecturer couldn't able to ask everone include you whether understood or not.So don't be shy and don't think other person,because they are same with you .if they know that they wouldn't be there.You don't know so that is why you are here.Learn to ask “Excuse me, I can’t hear you. Please repeat what you said,” and, “I’m having trouble understanding what you just said. Do you mean . . .?”.

First clearly identify that what you need.

Sometimes,the conditions of your ideal study situation just can’t be met.Maybe you’re a morning person,but you’re at the office in the morning.Or,you’re an evening thinker,but you work the night shift. What can you do? Of course,you can utilize the thinking time on days or nights when you’re not working,but in order to make learning stick with you,it’s a good idea to study each day,even if only for 20 minutes or so.You need to find time every day,not just on weekends. Ask yourself:“What is it about my special time that helps me?” Write some ideas in your notebook.Then read on for ideas on how to plan your day to create your ideal study situation.

In your notebook,answer the following questions:

1.What time of day do you work best—morning,afternoon,or evening? How early or late in the day are you able to think clearly?

2.Do you prefer quiet,or do you need background music?

3.If you like background music,what kind?

4.Where do you like to work—at a desk,on a couch,on your bed?

5.What do you like to have around you when you work? Do you have a favorite pillow? A pet? Write whatever comes to mind.Remember,you’re trying to get in touch with what helps keep you calm and alert.

6.What about eating—do you prefer working during or after a meal? What foods leave you feeling clear-headed and energized?

How to improve your study?

For improve your study maybe you think of too many things or buy too many books.But the trick is in paying close attention to yourself,in asking yourself,“When am I really focused? When am I feeling bored? When do I feel I’m “getting it”? When do I feel lost?”.When you fully understand it you will get your aim.

Except that your study buddy also is good motivator in your study.At one time or another, everyone has dreaded the idea of studying for a particular exam,whether because the topic was extremely difficult or painfully boring. In such instances, studying with a partner might be the way to go.It’s often easier and more enjoyable studying with someone else. The partner, or study buddy, can be a classmate, friend, coworker,or a family member.If your study buddy is studying the same topic you are,you can work as a team in developing questions and finding the answers. If your buddy is someone from outside class or work, she can act as your student as you teach her what you’ve been studying. Or she can act as your coach by asking you such questions as,“What part of this interested you most? Why? What sticks out in your mind?” Once you’ve become more relaxed with the subject through working with a study buddy,you can work on your own,in a way that’s similar to working with a partner.

In addition ,What do you do first? In order to get the most out of what you’re studying, you need to be in the mood. It helps if you’re relaxed and comfortable. It also helps if you’re studying where,when, and how you like to work..

Monday, July 7, 2008

10 ways for binge eaters to improve self-love

1. Set boundaries for yourself and learn to say no when it's appropriate.

2. Discover and get to know yourself by spending time alone.

3. Practice positive self-talk, especially after a binge.

4. Learn to forgive, let go, and move on.

5. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. No more holding emotions inside!

6. Praise and support yourself and your decisions without self-doubt.

7. Notice all that you can do because of your body. You can laugh, smile, experience love, be playful, see beautiful things, and so much more! Without that think of how boring your life would be.

8. Respect yourself. It's important to take a stand when others say hurtful things to you. Learn to speak up for yourself in these types of situations and notice how great it feels!

9. Realize that perfection cannot be achieved. Be happy with the person you are and know that it is crucial for positive self-growth to always continue to learn.

10. Be the person you are. Don't put on an act so that certain people will like you. Be yourself, even if that means showing your quirky traits to others. You have to be different and it's definitely not a bad thing!