Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Improve your study!

* Identify what you know for sure by drawing a picture and writing down the order.
* Find what you don’t know.
* Ask questions.
* Go through the steps listed above to find the answers.
* Write or record additional questions as they come to mind.

Often,the search for answers leads to more questions.And the more questions you ask,the clearer you’re making your answers.

You’re taking control of your own learning when you:
* Recognize what you know
* Recognize what you don’t know
* Create questions to make the pictures in your head and the order of events clear
* Discover answers to your questions
* Realize when and how to question what you’ve studied

Think ofone thing you learned this week.It could be something you learned at work, at home, on your own, or with friends. Take a piece of paper,and write your answers to these questions:
* What was it I learned?
* How did I learn it?
* What did I get out of learning it? How will it be useful to me?

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