Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Asking question is important!

Some instructors permit students to raise their hands and ask questions during a lecture.Others want to wait until the end ofthe lecture for questions.Either way,write down your questions as they come to mind. Questions can evaporate unless they’re on paper,even if you’ll be asking them soon. Coming up with questions also helps you understand the lecture. For instance, you might be thinking to yourself,“I’m not sure what he’s talking about right now. I can’t seem to connect it with what he said a moment ago.”That’s a legitimate question! So you can ask:“I’m having trouble connecting what you just said with what you were talking about before.Would you explain the connection for me?” It’s important to speak up! If you have a question,others are probably thinking the same thing.You feel more involved when you participate—and you are getting more out of what you’re learning.Even in lecture classes, instructors often notice—and appreciate—students willing to participate by asking questions. Sometimes the instructor is so familiar with the material that he or she forgets others need more explanation.In this sense,you’re helping the teacher teach!

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