Friday, February 6, 2009

What a stupid people they are!!!

No offence for protagonist of this post if he or she will read it, but I am a little pissed off........

Today, I received Emails from dumbs who study with me. It was very suprised me since I never imagine they will think like that. It was very funny and ridiculous. Acording to that rubbish mails I had keeping secrets from them with my fiancee.

I was relly amased because I had doing my own study with my fiancee at our office or at library. Since we both are quite person and used to study quitely at school we do not talk too much or play any music like them. So, some times for the purpose of avoiding noise we both went out some other places quiter. Actually, we don't want to went out since our office is so cosy and we have some other benefits there. Because of our life manner and don't want disturb others like they did, we try to keep quite when we talk each other; but in the end this carefulness become keeping secret and distance. I had seen many people in my life but not like them. Now, I had seen them also.

If the thinking of others and trying to be quite is called "keeping secret" , what word we will use for describe a two or more people quitely chating at home and stopped after you came?????

It is very very very ridiculous !!!! Until now, we are doing anything openly, specially my sweet heart; it is a fact proved by our life. I think there is no need to explain this to these dumbs.

I am very suprised with "I strongly recommend you do a thorough self-questioning.". This is the most ridiculous word I had ever learned from him. That is actually recomendation for him, but now.......

They, specially the person whome write that nice word must learn little respect to other peoples life style, must know everyone have different taste for music and movie, and must learn little appreciation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nowadays, every college students who knows computer can able to check some terms from Internet, more specifically from wikipedia. So, it is wasting our time to sending a bullshit from internet. I recomend these people to think more than other people do before write. I also recomend that little boy that if you want to refer please use some other source, and don't persist to the literal defenition. You had writed like that "WE DIDN'T PUT OUR NEEDS ABOVE YOURS" , had you only saw "NEEDS" from your so called definition??? Look and think carefully,that term has many defenitions. The shit you STRONGLY indicate is only one aspect very obvious.

He wrought to my honey like that "M (Here might be my name, but it written in very wrong way. Maybe he want to irritate my angel or want to express his anger in this manner ) have been studying here more than 1 year, and he used to take this course,he knows more than us, if you really wanna take that course, I think it is really easy and don't take too much time to check the schedule online, or more easily". It had remind me another thing relatid to him: Once I had find a little problem with one type of vedio file and I asked him dose he know any software can play such kind of file. For this he wrought me like that "you could find it from GOOGLE." . That time I asked him because I think he graduated computer science and know something nice. But who could guess such a good answer from him. You should tell if you don't know or have no time,there is nothing to bother.

Do you think everyone like you have strong interest for eavesdrop??? I would like to inform you that me and fiancee have no such kind of habbit. We don't know your or you people's plan unless tells us. So it is a nonsense to say you people planeed it long time or short time in the office or somewhere else.

How do you know my girl haven't tell her interest to your "girlfriend"? She told many times to your be loved person. Even she didn't express her intention, and even she want to leave soon; you people should ask her, if you people really want to communicate with us.

You said we kept distance from you, but I say actually you did. You and your "girl" already spoiled our life style. Have you even concern me once when I was at home???? I indicate exactly three times that I couldn't sleep if the lights and music on, but you didn't listen. In the end, for won't offend you I try to stay at school at late as possible and sleep around 2-3 PM . Have you ever " did a thorough self-questioning." insteed of recomend to my life and me?????

You are right I know more than you people about that thing, I also know it won't take toooooooooo looooong time if we check it online. You are very smart!!! But we made this mistake all because we think stupidly that you people try to manage it and will inform if there is any possibility to do that. We forgot to you people are not our friend or relatives who care us. Actually, we are so stupid and fullish since we thought like that. In last term I try to apply some extra courses and tell it to my inmate, even that time I had bring the application form to him. I had told you many times about your programme even you don't willing to. I told my experience and my thoughts about the school and further studying. Even I didn't vist my professor randomly I am hundred person sure that none of you will be here since my inmate stopped long time ago. Now I think I am a number one stupid, I shouldn't do these stupid things in that time!!!! I was really contrite for that!!!

What a person you are ? you wrought "some of you said it was wasting time",Did I told you like that? You have a really "strong" memory. I said before : Since my language skill is limited so I want to keep my time and concentrate on English and my major subjects. Now you translate it in different way. Thank you for the "reminder" !

Keep one thing in your mind in your later life: any language in this universe are so usefull and important, try to learn more if you can !!!

"Is that thing this big to write a special email to hurt our feelings?" . How big your feeling hearted with that "special email"??? If you think it is not big deal why are you wrought my darling such a long bullshit?

Even you wouldn't ask me "Did you ever think about whose fault this is? " We had already asked ourselves maney times.

" that Did you ever question yourself about what is going on here?" . I am suprised with this line. Are you a human being, do you have a brain? when you write that line have your face become red and heated up??? You should ask it yourself first????

"seems like you wanna keep some distance from us, I don't know why, and I don't know what do you think either.. ". As I said before we prefer peaceful environment, not a cacophny. For that reason we abandon cosy office and went out somewhere alse. When we are at the office we also try to keep silence ,but now you boy said like that. Funny!!! If you know all my sweet hearts action and thinking what is our difference??? Stupid!!!

"Your girl" had told my darling many times that you have a infectious hepatitis B, but you haven't told us until now, why??? She said you afraid with that, is that a reason??? If you are such a honest and kind person why don't tell us ???

Actually, this is not a big deal as like you said; but you, your "girl" and other scratch some bullshit to heart my darling so much. You even mentioned something else not related to the latter but buried in your heart. So, I am writing this "bullshit" since I can't stand for these letters.

What a funny bitc (Ajig) you are? I don't refer old just two days ago when my angel coming back from school you coming out to the hallway and start to interrogative her don't even waite to my agle take her shoes off. Why don't you tell yourself these "beautiful words" ??? Do you think my angel is weak for say nothing for your tease??? I have recomendation for you bitc_ Write these sentence on piece of paper and keep it everyday where ever you go since you are the person like to interrogate!!!

By the way, bitc (Ajig) I tell you one thing if you want to talk on religion or ethnic groups find some one else. Because you have no such credity!!! I don't want to talk on this more, before you say bitc look your action. Steal, take some peoples belongings without permition, lie and spreding rumor all are bad, after correct all , than come to her or others for talk!!!!! You know what bitc? I buy meat and some other things for my small but sweat family, so if you want to know where we buy meat just ask me bitc. Don't guess or ask from my darling, OK, bitc!!! If you want to buy a halal meat or some other stuff just go to ABDUS. We never bought from other places. Is it clear bitc??? I hope you bitc stop to agitate and tease my sweety, keep in your mind I had already riched my limits!!!!