Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Nice" room-mate

One day evening at 11:30 I was so tired and want to sleep, but when I was coming to my room my room mate playing music really loudly and chatting with some one on Internet as usual. It is a very obvious that I can't sleep in this environment. So, I decide to read some material on my computer and start to open my computer; at the same time, after one months patience later first time I asked him to put head set on his ear, because I was really can't stand it.
The dialog is like this:
_Could you please use your head set?
After my question he just turned back and looked me in strange eyes and said:
_But you also want to use computer?
I was very surprised with this answer and don't know how to answer.So I said openly:
_But I don't want to listen that.
Then, he said :
_There are some thing in my ear.So, it was bad for it.
Once again, I am surprised very very...much.
_If you have a problem on your ear don't listen any music and take a rest of your ear it is good for it.
Then, he just stopped.
In my opinion, it was really stupid and selfish thinking (Actually, He don't know what selfish is? He only understand the literal definition on wikipedia. ). In his mind every people must have same habit with him, every person should like same type of music, every individual around him must give him to a detail report of their thinking and action,................................................
We have a living room and kitchen for use if we need, but he only study these places during the day time and very very reirly during the night. At 12 PM or 2 AM he do all things even I was sleeping. He doesn't care. Come in and come out , singing, reading(with sound) or surfing and also music as well are the regular thing he prefer to do after 12 PM (mid night).
I am really lucky, I have such a nice room mate!!! God will give him a "good health"!!!