Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mirror and practice.

Why do you look into a mirror more than once? What do you see that you haven’t seen before? You have the same face—the same configuration of eyes,nose,mouth.What’s different each time you look? Is there more sparkle in your eyes? Less color in your cheeks? A wrinkle on your brow? When you reflect,you look back on something.Sometimes,on taking a second look, you realize something you hadn’t noticed before.Reflecting also helps you remember what happened. The same way you look into a mirror to make sure the part in your hair is straight,or your tie knot is tidy,you think back on a lecture to see if everything is in order in your mind,that all the information falls into place.Start by considering the questions you wrote (or recorded) before the lecture began. Were any of them answered during the lecture? How did your anticipation ofthe lecture,based on its title,compare with what was actually said? If you’re left with questions,try to find the answers by reflecting on what you learned,or by speaking with the professor.

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