Monday, July 7, 2008

10 ways for binge eaters to improve self-love

1. Set boundaries for yourself and learn to say no when it's appropriate.

2. Discover and get to know yourself by spending time alone.

3. Practice positive self-talk, especially after a binge.

4. Learn to forgive, let go, and move on.

5. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. No more holding emotions inside!

6. Praise and support yourself and your decisions without self-doubt.

7. Notice all that you can do because of your body. You can laugh, smile, experience love, be playful, see beautiful things, and so much more! Without that think of how boring your life would be.

8. Respect yourself. It's important to take a stand when others say hurtful things to you. Learn to speak up for yourself in these types of situations and notice how great it feels!

9. Realize that perfection cannot be achieved. Be happy with the person you are and know that it is crucial for positive self-growth to always continue to learn.

10. Be the person you are. Don't put on an act so that certain people will like you. Be yourself, even if that means showing your quirky traits to others. You have to be different and it's definitely not a bad thing!

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