Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to improve your study?

For improve your study maybe you think of too many things or buy too many books.But the trick is in paying close attention to yourself,in asking yourself,“When am I really focused? When am I feeling bored? When do I feel I’m “getting it”? When do I feel lost?”.When you fully understand it you will get your aim.

Except that your study buddy also is good motivator in your study.At one time or another, everyone has dreaded the idea of studying for a particular exam,whether because the topic was extremely difficult or painfully boring. In such instances, studying with a partner might be the way to go.It’s often easier and more enjoyable studying with someone else. The partner, or study buddy, can be a classmate, friend, coworker,or a family member.If your study buddy is studying the same topic you are,you can work as a team in developing questions and finding the answers. If your buddy is someone from outside class or work, she can act as your student as you teach her what you’ve been studying. Or she can act as your coach by asking you such questions as,“What part of this interested you most? Why? What sticks out in your mind?” Once you’ve become more relaxed with the subject through working with a study buddy,you can work on your own,in a way that’s similar to working with a partner.

In addition ,What do you do first? In order to get the most out of what you’re studying, you need to be in the mood. It helps if you’re relaxed and comfortable. It also helps if you’re studying where,when, and how you like to work..

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