Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First clearly identify that what you need.

Sometimes,the conditions of your ideal study situation just can’t be met.Maybe you’re a morning person,but you’re at the office in the morning.Or,you’re an evening thinker,but you work the night shift. What can you do? Of course,you can utilize the thinking time on days or nights when you’re not working,but in order to make learning stick with you,it’s a good idea to study each day,even if only for 20 minutes or so.You need to find time every day,not just on weekends. Ask yourself:“What is it about my special time that helps me?” Write some ideas in your notebook.Then read on for ideas on how to plan your day to create your ideal study situation.

In your notebook,answer the following questions:

1.What time of day do you work best—morning,afternoon,or evening? How early or late in the day are you able to think clearly?

2.Do you prefer quiet,or do you need background music?

3.If you like background music,what kind?

4.Where do you like to work—at a desk,on a couch,on your bed?

5.What do you like to have around you when you work? Do you have a favorite pillow? A pet? Write whatever comes to mind.Remember,you’re trying to get in touch with what helps keep you calm and alert.

6.What about eating—do you prefer working during or after a meal? What foods leave you feeling clear-headed and energized?

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