Monday, July 21, 2008

Sad news!!

I am studying in Sweden right now, and I have always recommended Sweden for its free educational system and this is the main reason I chose Sweden for continuing my education. But the new system is so discouraging and I definetely won’t recommend Sweden to my friends anymore. Every where in Sweden are expensive as like UK by itslef, with paying about 8500 Euro per year it is not a reasonable option for me as an Non European student. US, UK , Canada or Austrolia are more resonable for sure then.

This is a really bad news for me and other non EU students,but it is very good policy to kick out student from Asia and Africa except the rich. This new Swedish policy will discourage students to come here since there are not so many extra jobs available to pay the tution fees who are very enthusiastic for higher education.

I wonder why swedish politicians like so much to attract non skilled asylums (in the name of human rights) and kick out high skilled people (univeristy students).Who is going to come here (except people who just want to live in Sweden as a dish washer/Cleaner) by paying 80 thousand SEK every year and will never receive permenant residence permit (like Austratia, Canada,US) after completing study .


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