Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Course description 1

1.Fundamental Mathematics & Geometry
Basis concepts,equation and systems of equations, function, complex number, inequation, ordered series of numbers, permutation, combination and binomial formula, analytic functions. Functional analysis, vector, space, camber.
2.Fundamental Chemistry
Basis concepts, elements and compounds, chemical formula, mole, simple reactions, stoichiometry. Atomic structure, nucleus, molecules and electrons. The electronic structure of atoms and the periodic system. The chemical bond, ionic bonding, crystal structure and properties of ionic compounds, description of the gaseous state by the ideal-gas equation of state and of solids and liquids by phase diagrams. Chemical thermodynamics, first and second principles of thermodynamics. Application to the calculation of the heat, spontaneity and equilibrium conditions of chemical reactions. The molecular collision model of chemical reactions. Parameters affecting reaction rates. Catalysts, reactions and equilibria in aqueous solutions. Acids, bases and acid-base equilibria . Autoprotolysis of water and the pH. Red-ox reactions. Electrochemical cells, electromotive force, electrolysis.
3. Fundamental Physics
Short description , basis concepts of mechanical vibration and the mechanical wave, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, optics etc..
4. Computer Science
Short description, Introduction to the structure of operating systems with reference to Windows 98, processes description and Microsoft office .Introductory concepts of TCP/IP, Internet. multi-media technique and MPC ,HTML , memory management and virtual memory ,memory and I/O devices interfacing, etc..

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