Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Course description 7

24. Western Economics

Short description of macro and mecro economics.

25. Finite Element Method

Short description, small deformation non-linear solid mechanics problems, non-linear quasi-harmonic field problems. Iterative techniques, Ritz-Galerkin approximation, error estimates, piecewise polynomial apaces - the Finite Element Method.

26. Computer Application Technology VB

Short description , basis concepts , overview of computers and programming , algorithm, data type, expression type, parameter passing among functions, local and global variables and the recursive programming . Design Using VB, variables and basic types, arrays and pointers, functions, algorithms, tools for large programs, specialized tools and techniques.

27. Elementary Number Theory

Short description, Integral the most basic property. Sums of higher powers and fermat’s last theorem. Divisibility and the greatest common divisor, linear equations, factorization and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, congruences, powers, and Fermat’s little theorem, computing kth roots, Roots.

28. Computer Graphics

Short description, overview of graphics systems, geometric transformations. Two-dimensional viewing, three-dimensional viewing, three-dimensional object representations, visible-surface detection nethods, color models and color applications, computer animation, etc..

29. Spectral Method Numerical Analysis

Short description ,Chebyshev difierentiation matrices, Chebyshev difrentiation by FFT, Clenshaw curtis quadrature, complex arithmetic, eigenvalue problems, finite difference methods. GauSS quadrature, Laplace and Poisson problems, nonlinear problems, spectral accuraecy.

30.The website design

Short description and introduce various website design software. For example, Dreamweaver, ASP, JSP, FrontPage, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript.