Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bio Sciences and Bio Technology


Southwest Wisconsin Technical College submitted on 17 April, 2008

Microbiology, Micro Immunology, Micro-Genetics, Micro-Nutrition, Procar cell Nutrition, cells etc...

Lecture Series in Plant Biochemistry

South Dakota State University Robert H. Burris and Katherine Burris submitted on 18 March, 2008

Genetically Modified Foods: Myths and Realities, Heterotrimetric G protein-mediated stress responses in Arabidopsis, A systems approach to understand the biochemistry and physiology of photosynthetic organisms, How and Why do Plants Make Isoprene etc...

Biological Hazards

McGill University, Winter 2008 submitted on 15 March, 2008

Biological hazards and infectious diseases susceptible of being acquired at work and the several preventive and protective measures. Topics include airborne, foodborne, bloodborne, vectorborne infectious diseases, bioterrorism and mold toxicity.

Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function

McGill UniversityWinter 2008 submitted on 15 March, 2008

Membranes, Modifications etc...

The Cell

Professor Par Towb, UC San Diego Summer 2007 Audio Podcast

Viral Pathogenesis and Host Defences

Professor Dalius Briedis Winter 2007 only Audio

Humoral and cellular immunity to viruses; Innate and antibody dependent cellular immunity; Cell mediated immunity to virus infected cells; Viral immunopathology; Molecular biology of interferon and cytokine activation; Cytokine signal transduction; Molecular biology of HIV-1: Regulatory genes, Immunopathogenesis of AIDS

Cell and Molecular Laboratory

McGill University Prof Jacalyn Vogel winter 2007 only Audio

Cell Biology

UC Berkeley Spring 2006

An introductory survey of cell and developmental biology. The assembly of supramolecular structures; membrane structure and function; the cell surface; cytoplasmic membranes; the cytoskeleton and cell motility; the eukaryotic genome, chromatin, and gene expression; the cell cycle; organelle biogenesis, differentiation, and morphogenesis.

MBL Video Lecture Series

Marine Biological Laboratory

The discovery of angiogenesis inhibitors: A new class of drugs, Signal Transduction in the Brain, Sequencing the Human Genome, Medical Informatics

Microbiology podcast

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 podacst downloadable

Microbiology, Discussion of Clinical Mycology Parasitology and Virology, Micro immunology, Micro-genetics, microbial nutrition, procar cell nutrition, cells etc...


University of South Carolina

Chemical Communication, Storage & Release/Action, Movement Across Eukarya, Electrical Properties of cells, Interactions between Actin and Myosin, Control of muscle contraction etc...

Biology lecture videos

Oklahoma State University Spring and Fall 2006 video streaming

This Course has 42 video lectures on various topics. Topics include: Introduction, Hypotheses, Experimental Design, Thermo regulation, Natural Selection, Coevolution, Cellular Respiration, Neuron Signal Transmission, Chemiosmotic Phosphorylation, and Calvin Cycle. Population Growth, Antibiotic Resistance, DNA Genes, Transcription, Translation. Meiosis, Bio-Geo Chemical Cycles, Eutrophication, Bioaccumulation (Biomagnification) etc....

Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory

William Grisham, University of California, Summer Quarter 2006

Introductory Biology

MIT Spring '05 Video streaming

Introduction to Biology, Fall 2004

MIT Fall '04 Video streaming

Biochemistry; Genetics; Molecular Biology; Gene Regulation; Protein Localization; Recombinant DNA; Cell Cycle/Signaling; Cancer; Virology; Immunology; AIDS; genomics; Nervous System; Stem Cells; Molecular Medicine, Evolution etc....

General Biology-I

Berkeley Fall '06 Video streaming and Audio downloadable

Topics included: Life; Macromolecules Structure and Function; Cell Structure and Organization; Biological Membrane; Enzyme Structure and function; Cellular Energy, Work and Combustion; Aerobic and Anaerobic Process; Photosynthesis; Genes; Homeostasis etc....

General Biology-II

Berkeley Fall '06 Video streaming

Topics included: Protists, Fungi, Bryophytes; Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms; Angiosperms; Plant Form and Fluid Transport; Plant Nutrition and Hormones; History of Evolution: Darwin and Later; Climate, Microclimate and Biomes; Autecology; Population Ecology etc....

General Biology Lab

Berkeley Fall '06 Video streaming and Audio down loadable


Autumn 2000 Streaming

Bioelectromagnetism and divisions; Bioelectric phenomena; Bioelectric circuits; Nerve and Muscle cell. Cell membrane; EEG system; VCG Lead systems; MCG signals, Fetal MCG, DC-MCG; EMCG; etc....

Mathematical Neuroscience

Neuronal Dynamics; System level Modeling; Neural Coding; Olfaction; Auditory System; Sensory-Motor system; program in Neuronal Rhythms.

Mathematical Modeling of Cell Processes

Control of Cell growth, division and death; Mathematical models of Cell proliferation and Cancer Chemotherapy. Roles of calcium, Calcium dynamics, Phototransduction, and Olfaction; Immunology Models: cell Signalling and Immune Dynamics; Disease Models: Host-Pathogen Interactions...

Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Analysis of gene expression Data; Regulatory Networks; Emerging Genomic Technologies and data Integration problems; Biomarkers in HIV and Cancer research; Enzyme Dynamics and Function; Hotspots and Haplotype Structure etc....

Ecology and Evolution

Phylogeography and Phylogenetics; Spatial Heterogeneity in Biotic and Abiotic Environment; Spatial Ecology; Uncertainty in Ecological analysis; Microbial Ecology; Global Ecology etc.

Biotechnology- It's Promises and Pathways

Washinton states Public affair network Spring '06

Food For Thought

Oregon state university Fall'05


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