Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The Industrial Revolution and the Great Divergence

Institute for Economic Research2002 submitted on 14 April, 2008

The Malthusian Economy - World Economy History, 10,000 BC - 1800, The Industrial Revolution - When, Where, How, The Great Divergence - World Economic Growth since 1860.

Economics and Finances

submitted on 14 April, 2008

International Finance and "Global Imbalances", Time for Action on Finance etc...

Introduction to Econometrics

winter 2008 downloadable submitted on 2 April, 2008

This course looks at what happens when the conditions are less than ideal due to departures from the assumptions necessary for ordinary least squares to be the best linear unbiased estimator, and provides alternative regression techniques that address problems arising from the violations of the basic assumptions.

Economic Geography of the Industrial World

Berkeley Spring '07 Audio Download

Industrialization, urbanization, and economic growth in the global North. Locational patterns in manufacturing, retailing trade, and finance. Geographic dynamics of technical change, employment, business organization, resource use, and divisions of labor. Property, labor, and social conflict as geographic forces. Local, national, and continental rivalries in a global economy, and challenges to U.S. dominance.

Personal Finance and Consumer Economics

College of DuPage 2007 Audio only

An overview of personal and family financial planning. Emphasis is placed on financial record keeping, consumer spending, tax planning, making buying decisions, purchasing insurance, and selecting investments.

Interviews with Laureates in Economics


How Technology and Innovation Drive Economic Growth

Globalisation Reaserch Group

Duke University

Economics Free Login Required


Resources and Scarcity, Markets, Prices, Economic Growth, Booms, Busts, Fiscal Policy, Inflation, Banking System, Federal Reserve, Stagflation, Productivity, Federal Deficits, Monetary & Stabilization Policy, Supply and Demand, Economic Efficiency, Monopoly, Oligopolies etc.

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