Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Circuits and Electronics

MIT Fall '00 Video Streaming and Download

Topics: KCL, KVL ; Dependent and independent sources; Theorems; MOSFET; Amplifiers; First and second order systems; Steady state analysis and those required for Basic Electronic course.

Digital Integrated Circuits

Berkeley Fall '05 Video Streaming

Topics include: Design Metrics; IC Manufacturing and Design Rules; MOS transistor mode, Capacitance, Propagation Delays; CMOS Inverter, Scaling, Logic, Logical Effort; Pass Transistor Logic; dynamic Logic; Adders, Multipliers, Shifters; Sequential circuits, Timing, Clock Distribution, Power Distribution and Memory etc....

Linear Integrated Circuits

Berkeley Fall '04 Video Streaming

Topics include: MOS Device Models; Current Sources, Active Loads; Output Stages; Op-Amps Low freq Analysis; Telescopic and Folded cascade Op Amps; Frequency response; Stability; Compensation; Filters, A/D and D/As; Wireless Circuits and RF Front-end etc....

Integrated Circuits for Communications

Berkeley Fall '05 Video Streaming

Topics included: Intro to Communication Circuits; High-Speed Amplifiers and tuned Amplifiers; Two-Port Power Gain and Stability; Matching Networks; Distortion; Noise in Communication Systems; LNA Design; Mixers: BJT/MOS Mixers, Noise and Passive Mixers; LC oscillators, Steady State Analysis, Oscillator Phase Noise; Power Amplifiers; Frequency Synthesizers etc....

Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

Berkeley Spring '06, Video Streaming and Audio Download

Topics: MOS models for Analog Design; Electrical, Thermal Noise and their equivalent Noise Generators; Current Sources; OTAs, Folded cascade OTA and OTA design; Feedback; Settling Time; Comparator Design; Coupling: E/M and Substrate coupling; Offset Cancellation etc...

CMOS Analog IC Design

Boise State University Fall '06, Video Streaming

MOSFET operation; Small Signal Models; Biasing and Current Mirror Circuits; BMR; MIllers Theorem; Amplifiers Frequency Response, Push-Pull Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, CMMR etc....

CMOS Mixed-Signal IC Design

Boise State University Fall '06, Video Streaming

Signals and Systems: Sampling, Aliasing ADC/DAC Quantization noise, SNR, ENOB, SNDR, SFDR, jitter. Integrators, Differentiators, Filters, Decimation, Interpolation, higher order modulators, transconductor, SC, Digital and Bilinear Filters etc....

Integrated Circuit Physical Design

Boise State University Spring '06, Video Streaming

Advanced Analog IC Design

Boise State University Spring '06, Video Streaming

Low Power Issues in VLSI Testing & RFIC Integration

Hellenic Open University 2005-06

VLSI Circuit Design

Virginia Tech 2004 Streaming

Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Integrated C

Berekeley Fall '06 Video Streaming

Filters: Active, Higher Order and high Q Filters, Continuous-Time Filters, Switched-Capacitor Filters, Network Noise; Data Converters : DAC and ADC etc..

VLSI and Networking

MIT Spring '04 Video Streaming and Download

Systolic Computation; Fast addition, Multiplication, Division; Matrix Computations; Finite State Machines; Clock period; Bender; Interconnection Networking; Routing; VLSI; VLSI lower Bounds; VLSI Layout. Area-Universal Networks etc...

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