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Prof. Wei Huang UC San Diego Spring 2008 submitted on 14 April, 2008

Introduction to Solidification Processing

Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology submitted on 2 April, 2008

Solidification processing, Structure and properties of liquid metals, Heat and mass transfer, Heat management, Thermodynamics of solidification, Kinetics of solidification, Fluids flow, Semisolid metal processing etc...

Finite Element Analysis

Prof. H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia University of Cambridge submitted on 2 April, 2008

Introduction and elastic analyis, Thermal analysis.

Modelling of Phase Transformations in Steels

Prof. H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) submitted on 2 April, 2008

Atomic Mechanisms,Allotriomorphic and Idiomorphic Ferrite, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, High-Strength Steels, Computer Calculation of Phase Diagrams etc...

Metals and Alloys

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia University of Cambridge submitted on 2 April, 2008

Atomic Diffusion, Solidification, Recovery, Recrystallization, Grain Growth, Martensitic Transformations, Ferrous Alloys, Metallic Materials, High Temperature Alloys etc...

introduction to Electronic Structure and Thermodynamics Calculations of Real Materials

University of Illinois 2005 submitted on 2 April, 2008

Overview of Electronic Structure theory and methods including Density Functional Theory. Alloy Electronic Structure, Structural Formation Energies, and Preliminaries of Cluster Expansion Hamiltonians, etc...

Mechanics in light of cell biology

prof Taher Saif, Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois

Structural Aspects of Biomaterials & Lab

UC Berkeley spring 2007

This course covers the mechanical and structural aspects of biological tissues and their replacements. Tissue structure and mechanical function are addressed. Natural and synthetic load-bearing biomaterials for clinical and medical applications are reviewed. Biocompatibility of biomaterials and host response to structural implants are examined. Quantitative treatment of biomechanical issues and constitutive relationships of tissues and biomaterials etc...

Discrete Event Simulation

UC Berkeley spring 2007

Introductory course on design, programming, and statistical analysis of a simulation study. Topics include the types of problems that can be solved by such methods. Programming material includes the theory behind random variable generation for a variety of common variables. Techniques to reduce the variance of the resultant estimator and statistical analysis are considered.

Fluid Mechanics

UC Berkeley spring 2007

Elementary Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Kinematics, Integral Analysis, Differential Analysis, Dimensional Analysis, Similarity, Channel, external, compressible flow etc...

Video Demonstrations of Solid Mechanics and Materials

Video Demonstrations of Mechatronics Principles

actuators, circuit examples, data acquistion, electrical components and measurements, mechatronic system examples, PIC microcontroller examples, PIC microcontroller student design projects, power transmission, sensors etc...

Fluids Laboratory

The University of Iowa

Introduction to Fluid motion, Fundamental principles of flow, Laminar and turbulent flow, Fluid motion in gravitational field, Form drag, lift and propulsion, effects of fluid compressibility.

Introduction to Engineering

The University of Massachusetts Lowell Fall 2007

Project management

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Computer Control of Machines & Processes

University of Wisconsin, Madison : Mechatronics Lab

Overview, Open-loop and Closed-loop Controls, Matlab Basics, Computer architecture, Input/Output, Discrete Process & Controller Modeling, Sequential Logic Control, Data Sampling, State Transition Diagrams, Laplace & Z-transforms, Discrete & steady state response, Final vale theorem, Stability, Root locus, Aliasing, System Design Example etc...

Phase Transformations: Metals and Alloys

University of Cambridge,

Atomic Diffusion, Solidification, Recovery, Recrystallisation & Grain Growth, Martensitic Transformations, Ferrous Alloys, Metallic Materials and High Temperature Alloys etc...

Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials

MIT Spring 'o5, streaming

Introduction; Potentials, Supercells, Relaxation and Methodology; Potentials for Organic Materials and Oxides; Energy Methods: Hartree-Fock and DFT; Density Functional Theory; Stat Mech and Thermodynamics; Molecular Dynamics; Monte Carlo Simulations: Lattice Models, Metastability; Free Energies and Physical Coarse-Graining; Model Hamilton ions etc....

Symmetry, Structure, and Tensor Properties of Materials

MIT, Fall '05, Streaming

Crystallography; Crystalline Structure and Geometry; Translation, Rotation and Periodicity; 2D Symmetries, Plane Groups and Lattices; Diffraction, 3D Symmetries; Physical Properties of Crystal Structures; Space Group notation; Stress , Strain, Sheer and Thermal Expansion Tensors; Piezoelectricity etc....

Properties of Materials

Berkely Fall 'o6, Audio streaming & Download

History; Quantum Mechanics & Electronics; Hydrogen Crystal Model; Corrosion; Material Interface Potential Drops; Oxidation & Reduction Potentials; Crystallographic Idices and Solid Phases; Entropy; Diffusion & Energy; Phase Diagrams and Statistical Mechanics & Composition; Phase Fractions; Microstructures; Mechanical Deformation & Crystal Imperfections; Dislocations & Strength; Dielectrics & Polymer Breakdown etc....

Mechanical Engineering Design

Berkely Fall 'o6, Audio streaming & Download

Microprocessors and Labs; Power Screw & Fastner; Bolt & Preload; Fatigue Loading; Rolling-Contact Bearings; Gears; Gear Train and Force; Motors; etc...

Heat Transfer

Berkely Fall 'o6, Audio streaming & Download

Introduction; Heat Conduction, Fourier Law, Governing Equations; 1-D & 2-D Steady State Heat Conduction; Resistance Networks; Fins; Transient Heat Conduction: Lumped Capacitance & Analysis; Convection; Internal & External Flows; Heat Exchangers, LMTD Method; Radiation, Black Body; Radiative Exchange Between Black and non-Black Surfaces; Boiling & Condensation etc....

Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes

MIT Fall 'o4, Audio streaming & Download

Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Transport Phenomenon; Time and Length; Kinetic Theory; Schrodinger Equation; Quantum Wells; Harmonic Oscillators, Rigid Rotors; Crystals; Nanostructures; Waves; Laudauer Formalism; Louiville Equation; Fourier Law and Newton’s Shear Stress Law; Ohm’s Law and Thermoelectric Effect. Classical Size Effects; Brownian Motion, Electrokinetics and Surface Tension etc....

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