Friday, January 30, 2009

Tropic Thunder

I just watched this movie on my computer. It is a comedy film directed, written and produced by Ben Stiller. It is about a bunch of actors sent to jungle near to golden triangle for continues to produce a failed expensive war movie. Accidentally after director of that movie collected all these peoples cell phone and destroyed it he will die with explosion; and the other two people who knows the work one is an explosion experts, other one is a writer caught by the drug gang. So, these actors lost all the contact with out side world from the first day they stepped the land. Even they lost contact and surrounded by the fatal danger they still think they are acting a movie and make everything a joke, but later they find that it is not a acting at all. In the end, they helped each other and rescued their partner to go back safely.

To be honest, the comedy in this movie are exaggerated very much and I wouldn’t like to watch it in the very beginning since the actress wouldn’t dieing after shooting and exploding. But after few seconds later I realize it is acting in a movie and I had start follow the story line, then I start to like it. Among the entire portrait I like the explosion experts very much even he seems stupid. I like this portrait because I admire his technique and his responsibility. In my opinion he is the person who is a very responsible and talented.

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