Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life and Work in Foreign Country!

Before I came here ,I imagine abroad are beautiful,misterioso place..The life here are more comfortable than my own country.But after seven monthes life in two different european country, I was deeply relised that ,the life in every country are almost same. Most peoples enthusiasm and intention for life are the same.In some case you even find some part of your own place,some police off your home place are much better than those country you admire.

It is really hard to find the differences between different country. My life in foreign country is not easy as in my home country,but there I feel ..... I could....... There are no afraid of......

In a foreign country every thing are so expensive ,even much expensive than your estimation, but the salary off wark also much higher than my own country..For example, If I warked as like a paper boy,and I would work three hours a day,six times a week I will get two times more than my father .Of course,my father not a paper man in my home town,he is a famous doctor with 28 years work experience.But remember ,it is very hard to find a job in foreign place,because in a same condition you will stay in second line after local people.For that kind off phenomenon you couldn 't say anything.In my opinion they are right,they had rights to do like that,and I also approve that that kind off police.

Am I ridiculous? I don't think so.

How is your opinion about it?

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