Monday, March 24, 2008

How to write a recommendation letter?

A Letter of Recommendation

Dear XXX

It is our great honor to recommend the student YYY (nation:Uighur ,age:23,Sno: ZZZ ) a worthy candidate for graduate program of your University.He have been studing in our Computer Science and Technology Department of Information Institute of Xinjiang University of China.

He enrolled to our University s Computer science and technology department in September 10 2001. he will be graduateing by the end of June 25 2006 from Xin Jiang University.

T hrouph our contact with him,We are impressed by his I ntelligence and ability.He displays a powerful comprehension towards new knowledge and read a lot of class.He has a clear mind and prominent analytical ability to tackle difficult questions with proper method and way.

According our observation ,he is enthusiastic,cooperative, and cheerful.With this good character .he will be able to get along well with people of different nationalities.

We strongly feel that YYY is fully qualified to continue his study in Computer Science and Engineering in your University in Canada in order to realize his potentialities.Your favorable consideration of his application will be most appreciated .If further information regarding this promising boy is needed ,please feel free to contact with us.

Special skills of YYY :

He is proficien t in Windows 2000,Windows XP , Data Base,Photoshop, C Language and familiar with Visual C++ ,Linux etc.

Fluent in Chinese and English (reading, writing, and speaking).

Recipient, Excellent Student Award , Xinjiang University, 2002-2003 .
Recipient, Construction Bank Care Award, Xinjiang Univeristy, 2002-2003 .
Recipient, Excellent Student Award , Xinjiang University, 2003-2004 .
Recipient, Best Student Award, Xinjiang University , 2003-2004 .
Recipient, Open Policy of Western Award,China , 2004-2005.

Sincerely y ours!

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