Monday, March 24, 2008

Sample recommendation letter 2.

Dear xxx :

I would like to recommend one of my best students yyy for the graduate program in your department.

I selected him to study in our department in 2001 because of his outstanding performance in our national college entrance exams and his excellent study records in high school. Served as a Chairman in department of computer science and technology , I have known him very well for about 3 years. He has very strong desire for knowledge and has shown strong and constant interest in his major field. His understanding and insight into his academic fields are very impressive.

Being an undergraduate student who was taught in accordance with his aptitude, he joined to a student research group when he was a sophomore Since then he has done a lot of productive work as a research assistant. During the past several year s, he has led a "Hi-Tech" group and completed many projects in collaboration with other departments and companies. It is fair to say that he did very well in extrac u rricular activities and won several awards. In dealing with his fellow students, Mr. yyy always showed his willingness to help others and was highly respected by them. But as much as he enjoyed all these activities, he never let them interfere with his academic studies and maintained a top level in all of his courses as a result of his devotion to study and intelligent nature.

Although he is proud of what he has achieved, he does not feel contented, and is eager to continue his studies in order to realize his potential. In my opinion, Mr. yyy has sound academic background and great potential for research work. I strongly recommend his admission and believe that he will produce outstanding work in your university as he did in ours. Any further information about Mr. yyy will be immediately furnished if required.

If I can be of further assistance, I can be reached at

Sincerely yours,

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