Saturday, March 22, 2008

New start!!!

It is my first time to write my own blog and write for open public.Two years ago,when I was in university studying for bachelor,many times I try to write my own blog ,but at that time I didn't find any reliable,fast,lifelong website .Now,I find Google,the best world number one search engine.From my two years application experience,I can say that that is the best website I ever used.It gives me very good impresstion ,and it changed my mined.

I don't know how to praise,and where I will start .Because,Google have so many good applications,for example google search,gmail,gmail talk,google calendar, etc.In my first letter I don't want to write more about them,but I will talk more about them after wards.

Before I used to use other search engines,because at that time I hadn't familiar with google.It is really shame ,I am really upset of my time and my energy to use of those webpages. After I start to use google, I had totally different feelings about Internet.Before I felt my speed of internet are so slow ,and I think it is because of my internet connection ;but after I use google ,in a same internet connection ,it give me a very good impress,it seems I changed everything.I can't describe my happiness at that time.

Now,google become my good friend and my knowledgeable professor.If I did not use it one day,I feel uncomfortable,and some thin wrong.I like to use Google!

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