Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gmail !!!

In my opinion gmail is one of the biggest success of google company .It is a very good web based email (webmail, E_mail) I ever used. Currently gmail offers about six gigabyte free spaces,tand his free space is not fixed,it is incresing daily.Except of the size, second important features of google is security.

Google possess a excellent antivirus technics .A ll of the incoming and outgoing mails are automatically scanned for viruses in e-mail attachments. If there is a virus found on an attachment the we are trying to open, Gmail will try to remove the virus and open the cleaned attachment. Except prevent virus from email you received, Gmail also scans all outgoing attachments and will prevent the message from being sent if a virus is found. Executable files are automatically blocked by the Anti-Virus system.

Prevent spam,and don't receive mail from unwelcomed person in gmail also very easy. Gmail offers a spam filtering system. According to Gmail, messages marked as spam are automatically deleted after 30 days . The spam filtering system cannot be disabled.

Gmail had a archive ability.If you want to classify your mails ,that is the best for you.It is really convenient for your reading and writing,you don't need to check your sent email when you want to reply.

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