Saturday, March 22, 2008

Person in My Life!!!

When I was at high school my enthusiasm is become a biologist,and doing DNA research.But after national exam everything are changed, even my life open the totally different new pages.

In that exam I didn't got a high score as my first wish university required, and my second wish university already got enough students who write that university in he/she's first wishes.So,I didn't admitted by my second choice university.Luckily my third choice university didn't get enough first choice students for my present bachelor program,so them admited me for Information and Computing Systems Science program (computing mathematics,we also call it white mathematics) .When I hear the news about my admission, I am so upset.It is really hard to accept the reality. Six years studying top number one in the class ,and top numbe three in whole school.But failed to admit first choice and wishes subjects.I hate myself ,and I hate this cruel exam system.

At that time ,I think to study again or change my subject through bribe,but both need money.That is the problem,I can't solve personaly. There is only one way to find money is ask from my parents.I know they love me very much ,and they will do it for me without hesitation, if I want. But I don't want to give them a trouble ,and waste off them money. It is already enough to give my burden 18 years to them. It is my turn and my time for to do their work.Instead of gave my burden ,I must create them happiness . There are my life and my everything.They teach me the how to walk,how to speak , how to become a man ,etc.

I can't find any words could describe their love for me ,and I am unable to praise of their love.The all good words in the world can't be describe their one minutus love for me.They are the persons,close me forever ,and never stop to consider of me forever.I belive ,and I know they are the persons love my everything good or bad.I want to stop because I nearly want to cray.I missed them,I missed their warm welcome ,I missed my mothers delicious food,I missed my fathers great advaise and teaching,I missed my parents unique smiling and love.I love you mom!!!

I love you dad!!! You are my life,you are my everything!!!

Thank you a million for everything you did for me ,you are my symbol!!!! I love you!!!

I have two sister both are so pretty and warm hearted. Some times we had some kind off arguments,but after few minutus later we become blood and muscle,so close.after all we are the sister and brothers. They are girls ,but when some body tease me they become a strong warrior. When I can't solve my home works they become my knowledgable and patientfull professor. They just in my side every time.They not mention their help for me.They do everything for me. They just appear when I need them. I am really thanks to God and my parents for give me those best sisters in the world.Thanks a million!!! I love my two sisters!!!

September 13,2001, I just give up my wishes to become a biologist to start my new subject,and my independent university life. Some times bad thing also had a good side too.We can't say one thing is completely bad.I didn't accepted by my first choice university.That is a bad thing ,but here I find my true love,my wife.That is the good thing.Thanks again to God to give me chance to recognize her.Thanks!!!

Until second year I still have some kind off intention to shift,but I never stoped to study of my own subject mathematics.

Just end of first semester,I got a highst score among 140 students in four classes,and got first rank excellent student scholarship of my universty intitled to student top number three,begining off second year.after that, every year I got highst mark with my wife. It is really sweet time of my life ,I never forgot my university time studying with my wife ,and challenging with her. I acknowledge that my wife is the key of my study ,she is my motivation.I really thank you for my lovely ,warm hearted wife. She is the first and last girl I give my mans love,I love her !!! She not only my wife ,she also my friend ,she is counterpart ,she is my adviser,she is my life long company ,I love her !!! Thank you so much!!! It is also hard say and describe my love to her and his love to me.I will give her my every thing,and I will do everything for her in my life long time.I love you darling!!! I am crazy about you!!! You are my world!!! I love you!!!

From second year ,after we start to study optimization method I find strong intrest to mathematics,and I realised the importance of math. In my third year ,my VB professor Alim.ahad give me the good example,and influenced my life. He is the really good ,knowledgable teacher I ever seen. I really appreciate of his patience, knowledge and his personality. I also want to say thanks to him.Thank you !!!

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