Saturday, March 22, 2008

Maturate and Hobbies !!!

In the end of this year I will be 26,and I was engaged in this February . If I am alive ,and everything ok I will be take my wedding ceremony next year (God bless me,and my familys.). That means I am a adult ,I am a man,not a honest small boy. So I must do like alder or matures .But I still like to watching movies,specially science fiction and cartons,like a eight years old kid .

I don't understand ,why so many people felt that is a rediculous with that kind of hobbies ,person over 25? It is really funny, they force themselves to grow up ,and give up their pleasureful activities. Are them forgot their childhood ,and their history of watching and playing like that? or is it risponsibility of them to say : you are not a kid ,do something suitable for your age and your height.when you riched certain ages?

Personally I think , defining peoples maturate from their hobbies is not correct. Because , in my eays maturate and hobbies are the two different cases,we can't use them mixed togrther.

If you observe carefully you will find that carton and science fiction movies are full off imagination and creation.Those gave you more pleasure than other TV serials. Most of the time those kind of movie are short ,and you don't need to waste of your many times.Maybe even one day , you will be got some hints from those movies,if you are a scientist.

When you watched those kind of movies ,you don't need to bother about bad words and unconcious actions make you uneasy infront of the elder people.

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