Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to apply Politecnico di Milano?

Politecnico di Milano is a biggest and oldest technical university in Italy,it founded on november 29,1863. Politecnico possess seven campuses, with about 40,000 enrolled students .

Just eight months ago,I was one of the members of this giant university__Politecnico di Milano. In the end of year 2008,because of some personal and economical problem, I stoped my good ,welcomed subject Computing Systems Engineering in this elegant universitys. Even I stoped my study at there ,but my heart still want it and think it.I hope in the future I will be return back.

In politecnico most of the courses are taught in italian,but still there are several subjects taught in english,and also there are chance for getting wide range of different kind off scholarships covered your accomodations to your monthly spending.

Ok,How we apply to this university,and where I will find the information about it?

It is very easy for EU students,just open the web page .You will find most of the information about the school,some of the information are in italian,but don't be afraid ,those english informations are more enough for your understanding.

It is little different for Chinese students,mostly from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region,because of the distance from the embassy.

Now,I would like to talk about students from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: For apply politecnico you must haveTOEFL or IELTS,because China wasn't english speaking country.So students from China need to prove their english ability.

Mostly university applications beginning at the end off November,it is good to send our documents as early as possible.If do that we had more priority than later applicants (It is my personal observation.).If them accept you ,you will be know that in university regestration page you applied before , after few weeks later you will be receive admission letter..In the admission letter they will inform you all the things you will complete in the embassy.But you also need to check your regestratin page regularly,it is very important.

Usully preregistration sterted in middle of may,.that is the unique and most trouble process of Italy. For it you need to prepare your stamped notarial paper in italian of degeree certification, course score, course discription.Remember all those documents are in Italian not in English. After you finished to authentication you will send your documents to the Chinese foreign minestry of defence for another authentication.

After you finished those authentications you send your documents to the nearest Italian embassy for embassy authentication.For thoses processes you don't need to go by person,you just send your document to your friend with a money after notarial. If your passport belong to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region you will do it in Beijing.After all the authentications finished you can go for registration by person,your friend can't do it for you,because embassy need your signature.

Oh yes,when you start to authenticate your documents in Chinese foreign minestry of defence ,you should visit the Italian embassy website ,fill the reservation form ,and send it.

All those prossesses are need some time and money ,so you must be patient .

There are two useful Chinese website only for study in Italy,maybe you will fined some good information on it.

Good Luck !!!

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