Monday, March 24, 2008

Statement of Purpose

November 19, 200 7

Dear Admission Committee:

I am very keen to study in your International Master Programme in Bioinformatics in the coming year. I am currently a final year student majoring in Information and Computing Scie n ce in the Mathematics and System Science Department here at Xinjiang University in China.

I am interested in mathematics and biology, especially in biomathematics. Here in Xinjiang I have been studying computational mathematics, and for my bachelor’s thesis I am currently learning about iterative methods in numerical analysis. I would like to study at Chalmers because I am interested in the research done at the Mathematical Statistics and Finite Element Method Centers, and because these centers present research opportunities unavailable in China . I have read the work of Professor Peter Jagers, Stig Larsson, Claes Johnson and would hope to be one of those distinguished professors students in the not too distant future. I have heard a lot about Chalmers and its study environment from my brother, xxx , who has already completed one of your Master s programs . After finishing my Master studies, I plan to pursue PhD studies.

The reason why I eagerly hope to pursue a Master degree in Bioinformatics is that in my homeland, we have a lot of traditional Uyghur medicine which has more than one thousand years of history, and has been scientifically proven to be useful. During a visit to a local hospital , which was full of patients, I was deeply impressed by the curing power of those traditional medicine s . Then, all of a sudden, an idea came to my mind that I would one day do some research on these medicine s and try to understand how they work. In order to realize my dream, I must have better understanding of biological structures. I think Bioinformatics is the right choice, since I studied Information and Computing Science ( in other words , Computational Math), and I can combine what I have learned with what I am going to learn while they are fresh in my mind.

As far as my past academic performance is concerned, I have confidence to do the program well and to finish it successfully. I hope that you will consider me as a possible candidate of the program and give me a chance to achieve my goals.

Sincerely yours,


( xxx , Chinese transliteration)

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