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Social Science

Public Relations Research

McGill University, Winter 2008 submitted on 15 March, 2008

A managerial perspective on the integration of research into the communications process for program development, monitoring and evaluation covering the types and uses of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and the application of research findings.

Basics of Public Relations

McGill University, Winter 2008 submitted on 15 March, 2008

Public Relations: An overview of public relations theory, principles and practice, including the development of the discipline and its role in society, its function in different organizations, and the techniques used in the different sub-specialties of the field.


University of Warwick2004 - 2005 submitted on 10 March, 2008, 11:21 am

Philosophy and Social Theory, Can sociology meet the biological challenge?, Philosophy of Science and the Science Wars etc...

Georgetown University Podcast

Georgetown University Podcast added on 10Mar2008

Economic Geography of the Industrial World

Berkeley Spring '07 Audio Download

Industrialization, urbanization, and economic growth in the global North. Locational patterns in manufacturing, retailing trade, and finance. Geographic dynamics of technical change, employment, business organization, resource use, and divisions of labor. Property, labor, and social conflict as geographic forces. Local, national, and continental rivalries in a global economy, and challenges to U.S. dominance.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

UC Berkeley Spring 2007

Man, God, and Society in Western Literature

UC Berkeley Spring 2007

Philosophical issues as expressed in poetry, drama, and the novel. This course will compare and contrast the Greek, Medieval, and modern worlds, as reflected in their greatest literature, with special emphasis on the role of the community in reconciling conflicts between sub-groups in society and the individual's ability to understand and control his own life. We will also follow man's realization that the changing answers to these questions are themselves self-interpretations.

Public Lectures and Events: podcasts

The Landon School of Economics and Political Sciences

Introduction to Sociology

College of DuPage

Physical Science

UC Berkeley Spring 2007

This lower division course introduces global warming as both a scientific and social issue. We will introduce the physical science that sets the stage for the problem, from the basic concepts of climate (carbon cycle, greenhouse effect, climate feedbacks) through to the climate model projections of future climate changes and their impacts. Social scientific perspectives will be integrated throughout, including the history of climate science, the geographical and political-economic implications of fossil fuels and industrial production etc...

Office Of The Public Affairs

Yale University


Professor Jerome Rousseau McGill University Winter 2007 only Audio

Legal Aspects in Environmental Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Citizenship and Public Service

Prof Brian Douglas Walker, University of California Spring Quarter 2007 webcast

Introduction to Political Theory

Prof Brian Douglas Walker, University of California Fall 2006 webcast podcast

Introduction, The Household and the forum, plato, Aristotle and the geometric robots of abstraction, man as a political animal, godfathers, beehives and fitness, Justice and theories of justice, Chinese political thinking in general and Confucianism in particular, on rituals and sincerity etc...

The American Foreign Policy

The Earth Institute, Columbia University

These are all Online lectures

Political Economy Research Institute

University of Massachusetts

Study of Globalisation

Yale University

WGBH FORUM Politics lectures


Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fordham University

Fordham University

UC Berkeley Lectures and Events

UC Berkeley

Anthropology of Religion

Utha State University Fall 2005

Anthropological viewpoints about religion, Diversity and Unity in the World’s Religions, Psychology of religion, Religious Myths, symbols, ritual, social organization etc

Seminar in Historical Methods

MITOCW Spring 2004

The It has two sessons : Middle Ages as Fantasy and How Does a History Department Work?

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