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Optimizing C code for Performance on TMS320C6000 DSPs

Texas Instruments submitted on 19 March, 2008

Electromagnetics and Applications

MIT Fall '05 Streaming and Downloadable

It presents a great deal of information right from the basics of Electromagnetics such as Maxwell’s equations to its applications in new generation technologies such as wireless communications, computer peripherals to microwave communications, radar, and antennas.

Principles of Digital Communications

MIT Spring '05 Streaming and Downloadable

This course discuses about sampling theorem, AWGN channels, and focuses mainly on the coding techniques linear block codes, Reed-Muller codes, finite fields, Reed-Solomon and BCH codes, binary linear convolutional codes, and the Viterbi algorithm. The advanced coding techniques also included which are trellis codes; codes on graphs; the sum-product and min-sum algorithms; the BCJR algorithm; turbo codes, LDPC codes and RA codes and many more.

Digital Signal Processing

Berkeley Fall '06 Streaming

This course explores all about digital signals. Foussed mainly on Transforms such as DFS, DFT, FFT, Z-transform, various convolution techniques, realization and implementation of FIR and IIR filters and many more.

Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals

Berkeley Fall '06 Streaming

Topics Covered: Signals and Systems, Determinism, Composition, Linearity, Responses and Hybrid Systems. Frequency Domain, Response and Filtering etc....

Digital Image Processing

Berkeley Fall '06 Streaming and Audio Downloadable

This course is all about images. Image compression, coding and restoration is the main area focused. The transforms DCT, DFT, Filter design and compression techniques JPEG also discussed in detail.

Computer Control of Machines & Processes

University of Wisconsin, Madison : Mechatronics Lab

Overview, Open-loop and Closed-loop Controls, Matlab Basics, Computer architecture, Input/Output, Discrete Process & Controller Modeling, Sequential Logic Control, Data Sampling, State Transition Diagrams, Laplace & Z-transforms, Discrete & steady state response, Final vale theorem, Stability, Root locus, Aliasing, System Design Example etc...

Integrated Circuits for Communications

Berkeley Fall '05 Streaming

Topics included: Intro to Communication Circuits; High-Speed Amplifiers and tuned Amplifiers; Two-Port Power Gain and Stability; Matching Networks; Distortion; Noise in Communication Systems; LNA Design; Mixers: BJT/MOS Mixers, Noise and Passive Mixers; LC oscillators, Steady State Analysis, Oscillator Phase Noise; Power Amplifiers; Frequency Synthesizers etc....

Digital Siganl Processing

Vietnam Education Foundation Summer Seminar'06 Streaming

Fundamentals of Signal Processing: Sampling and Frequency analysis, Digital Filtering, Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing; Comprehensive Sensing; Wavelets and Filter Banks: Sampling rate Change Operations, Modulation and Polyphase Representations/ Orthogonal Wavelets Bases and Maxflat Filters, Multi-resolution Analysis (MRA)/Refinement Equation; Multimedia: Image Coding and JPEG, Video coding and Networking issues.

Digital Image Processing

Professor Avideh Zakhor Home Page

Spring 2006 video lectures Fall 2003

Digital Image Processing I

Purdue University Spring '05 Streaming

Topics Covered: Sampling, scanning; CSFT and CTFT; MRI and Discrete Transforms; Tomography; 2-D FIR and IIR Filtering; Segmentation and clustering; Color Transforms; Decimation, Interpolation, Image Restoration and Nonlinear Filters; Various Coding Techniques.

Wireless, Wi-Fi,Voip and Many more

Science Dissemination Unit 2006, Streaming

Topics included: Use of Unlicensed Spectrum; Wi-Fi Networking Architecture; Wi-Fi Security; IP Networking, DHCP and NAT; Network Monitoring and Management in Linux; Antenna Theory; DIY Wi-Fi Antennas; Software for Antenna Design; Radio propagationBasics; Link Budget Calculation; VoIP; Mesh Networks and many other topics included.

Interviews & Discussions on GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi

3gamericas.org 2001 to '03, Streaming

Adaptive Document Filtering, Wavelets, MPEG and RFID

Hellenic Open University

Topics Include: Nootropia: a Non-Linear approach to Adaptive Document Filtering. Wavelets and Recent Developments in MPEG Video. RFIC Integration.

Matlab Tutorial Movies

Georgia Tech

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