Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma –I will never forget!

I admire my grandmother (in father side) very much; she is the person who loves me and cares me even more than my parents do. I love her and admire her not because only he cares me, also because her personality. In some way she is my symbol and my first teacher in my life, since I was raised by her form two to five.

My grandmother was kind, hardworking, and quiet. I never saw she even once without doing anything. Since we live in countryside, and my grandparents work as farmer, so everyday morning my grandfather went to field for work, and my grandmother clean whole house and fid all the poultry. Actually she does those cleaning work in the early morning when I am still dreaming. After that, she also took a tool to went to field for work. Of course I can’t finish in a day if I wrote all her daily work.

She is very patientful. Every time when I asked something, she was stopped his busy work and do my favor or explain the thing I had asked.

After my mothers graduation I moved away from my lovely home, and leave with my grandmother. Every time I was revisiting my grandma we both are so excited and didn’t finish our talk night and night.

Three years ago when I was in university, I learned my grandmother’s death. I am so upset about it, and can’t control my tears. Before she pass she require from my parents to won’t tell me until I had graduate, so I learned this bad news after half years later she’s death. Because that time I was preparing for my graduation exams and my graduation paper. She didn’t forget to care me before she goes. I never forget my grandma, she is the greatest person in my eyes, and I never forget she is care to family and other people!!!

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