Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, Dream Again!

In a beautiful, sunny day I had get up earlier than usual and did long personal cleaning from my body to whole apartment. Today I felt everything is so beautiful and nice, and I am so exciting. I had checked every part of my apartment from ground to roof, after I had make sure that there are no any problems later I wear my suits and took my ticket for Copenhagen ,then closed my door to went to station even it was too early to she will arrive. I am standing excitingly in waiting area and looking at all the people coming out, finally, my heart starts to bit faster and faster, I can’t describe my feeling on that time. I couldn't find any words would express my happiness. I was barely standing on line, oh, my feet and my body; I can’t control it any more. I was run to her and her also run to me.

Oh! My neck and my leg, it hearts so much, I opened my eyes with unwillingly .Shit! it was my dream again. I was lying on ground, and there is an apple size red blain on my leg.

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