Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seems unusual and strange

The 28th September 2007, this is one of the important day in my life .It is a day I leave from my country and start my new life in Italy. After nine hours long fly later I had finally landed on international airport Malpansa, Italy. When I come out from the compartment, the mild weather kiss my face genteelly, and sun spread his ray on my whole body just like bunch of people who specially came for welcome me .I stand a doorway a second ,and look through all airport. It was unbelievable; I am in Milan, the home of fashion. I want to shout loudly and say Milan I came finally.

After forty minutes later I came to city centre of Milan. For find my direction and take a short rest I was stand little bit just front of the station .Everything, from construction to people are so different than my hometown ,everyone are so hurry. Suddenly, I saw two boys one is in my age but much taller than me, second one is a kid around 13. At the beginning they walked together, but later the older one slowed his steps, and younger one followed back of a lady in middle age with a small bag. I was figured out what will he do later, so I look at other people around them and a police 20 meter away .All people are so quite, no one had informed the lade .I can’t believe my eyes, and it seems to strange for me. Because I imagine European people are brave, they won’t allow that kind of crime in a public place. But later I realised that it was just one case, can’t symbol for all.

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