Monday, March 24, 2008

Sample recommendation letter 4.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I take great pleasure in recommending xxx one of my most favorite students and my Undergraduate Assistant researcher for one year, for admission into your distinguished graduate program of Organic Chemistry

I selected him to participate in me research group as Undergraduate Assistant research because I found out his analytical and potential research abilities when I taught him in the course of “Environmental Chemistry”. During under my instruction, I found that he has learned solid knowledge not only Chemistry, but also in the fields of Physics and mathematics and he often came up with creative ideas. Unlike some other students and research member, he studied not to just pass the exam but to really improve his knowledge and expertise. In the research group, he found out that Congo Red can be fabricated Thin Film under hot distilled water Solution, and he proposed that synthesized compound according to relation between gas nature and compound absorption, but my lab real condition can not support his idea.

In my close contact with him in and out of the classroom, I was deeply impressed with his real sprit of scientific research and his insight into problems confronting him and from my colleagues and his work. I know that Mr. xxx possesses a great untapped potential. He is one of the most outstanding students that I have ever taught. In his performance of duties, he has displayed a high sense of responsibility and always helped others whenever he could. In many extracurricular activities, he has played a major role and shown richful experience.

He often talks with me about his ideal to become a chemist. To help quench his thirst for knowledge, I have lent many of my own books to him in his self study program. He has much more engrossed in doing independent research than preparing for exams, but his grades still keep him ranked among the top 1% of his class. I think he is a very intelligent young fellow.

According to my observation, Mr. xxx is so enthusiastic, reliable and responsible that I have full confidence upon hi potential in academic studies and advancement .At present, He is studying xxx , it demonstrated my comment. Therefore, I support his application without reservation. I am very confident that you will find him a competent student and find your assistance to him worthwhile. Your favorable consideration of his application will be much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,


Doctor (graduated in ddd )


Institute of chemistry and chemical Engineering in XJU

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