Monday, March 24, 2008

Sample recommendation letter 5.

Letter of Reference

To whom it may concern,

I deem it a great pleasure to recommend Mr. xxx for admission to your International Master s Program in Scientific Computing. He has proven himself as an excellent student not only in his major classes but also in other subjects such as English and Chinese.

Although Mr. xxx is not my direct student, I have known him personally for years. He has a very good background on mathematics. During our conversation, he impressed me a lot by bringing up profound and stimulating questions. Also he displayed an impressive capability in grasping specialized knowledge, absorbing new content from new material, and applying professional principles to the solution of practical problems. In addition to computational mathematics, he also has shown an interest in our institute s minor degree program Computer Application. He has studied a wide range of courses such as Analytical Mathematics (Calculus), Linear Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Numerical Analysis, Matlab, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Matrix Theory, VB and C programming Language, which together lay for him a broad and solid foundation and make him a qualified student. Aside from his intellectual ability, he has had additional energy to participate in many nonacademic activities such as sports and fine arts.

In my assessment, he is academically prepared and ready for education at your institute s higher level. I believe he will produce outstanding work in your department there as he has done here.



Professor of Mathematics

Mathematics & System Science Institute

830046, Xinjiang University


Tel: +86 991 xxx

Mobile:+86 991 xxx

Email: xxx

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